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Job Order Contracting

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JOC, SABER, IQC = Renovation, Repair & Minor Construction Programs

Welcome to the National Resource Center!          

As the designated non-profit association for Job Order Contracting, and related IDIQ contracting methods including On-Call and IQC, CJE provides best practices, education, JOC certification, credentialing, resources, and networking for the collaborative project delivery methods.  Do you have questions?  Contact CJE for unbiased answers!  We exist to help you experience success through the use of best practices and education.

CJE is composed of professionals working together to create solid foundations for collective success including construction managers, project managers, facility managers, procurement professionals, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, attorneys, technology providers, suppliers, and educators involved in the most utilized IDIQ project delivery methods in America.

Access research, best practices, discounts on educational seminars, and gain a competitive advantage through the JOC Certificate program and the professional designation program as a Certified JOC Professional (CJP).  Please use the contact form for questions, request a JOC workshop session,  webinar, or schedule a presenter.  CJE is the only unbiased nonprofit resource so contact us today to help you realize the attributes of a successful program.

CJE’s Historical Timeline

1994:  First industry gathering designating the formation of CJE
1995:  CJE becomes education group & commissions research
1996:  First JOC Research study; later published in Journal of  Construction Education
2007:  Non-profit status obtained and by-laws created; Industry designates CJE as the National Center for Job Order Contracting
2009:  Committees & strategic collaborations initiated with SAME, APPA, NASFA, ASBO, COAA
2010: Regional chapters formed to address local legislative & community issues
2017:  CJE Celebrates 20-years of Collaborative Excellence!

We educate, promote best practices, provide the professional JOC certification (CJP) program, and offer a networking forum for collaborative IDIQ project delivery methods.  

CJE’s JOC training and certification programs set the bar for excellence through the industry’s credentialing program.  The training is a prerequisite for the CJP certification but anyone can take the training to learn and advance implementation of best practices.  Questions? Visit the education page to learn more!

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