Center for JOC Excellence and Arizona State University are the founding partners of the Job Order Contracting Certificate Program.  In addition to the certification class, CJE administers the national credentialing program for Job Order Contracting titled Certified Job Order Contracting Professional™ (CJP).  Graduating from the certificate program provides evidence of education in approved Best Practices.  Obtaining the CJP credential is THE measurable standard by which to judge one’s knowledge and experience as a JOC professional.

The Certified Job Order Contracting Professional™ (CJP) designation program has grown exponentially, and now public agency solicitations are beginning to expressly evaluate the inclusion of team members with both certificate of completion for the training and the CJP designation.  The training and credentials validate expertise in the selection process.

This program is governed by a Credentialing Board responsible for policies and procedures affecting the Guidebooks for professional certification and recertification. Candidates must complete the training program and submit their application for determination.

The online JOC Training Program (a prerequisite for the credential) is available online through the integrated LMS.  The classroom training is scheduled in the Spring and Fall based on demand.  We encourage all industry professionals to get certified.