Owners’ Advisory Council

You have questions. The Owners’ Advisory Council has answers!

  • Would you like to collaborate with a colleague?

  • Do you want an objective source to discuss JOC? 

  • Are you making JOC process, program or procurement decisions?

  • Are you interested in sharing lessons learned with other owners?

These questions summarize the value of the Owners’ Advisory Council (OAC).  Many owner members enjoy collaborating with other owners to help expedite their JOC programs.  Through the OAC, owners can learn how their colleagues are implementing JOC programs to strengthen their position in the market.  The Council is led from an owner’s perspective – for owners only and by owners.

JOC has developed over the recent years and the complexities of various JOC program options offered by vendors has led owners to seek advice from cohorts.   The OAC is an independent feedback loop to the industry as a select group of experts from various markets and geographic areas serving to ensure the Owners’ voice is heard and resources are provided to help them implement cost effective and streamlined programs.

How does an Owner successfully manage a program? The OAC can share models for success, methods for embracing the trust, transparency and team integration that is the cornerstone of a successful JOC program.

Mike Bevis, JD CPPO, CPSM, C.P.M., CJP, Assoc. DBIA

Mike Bevis, JD CPPO, CPSM, C.P.M., CJP, Assoc. DBIA

Chair, Owners Advisory Council

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